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We Are WAQRR Certified Level II Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Recovery Homes
Washington Affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.

Meet Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D, founders of Kate's House Foundation® , Shared Housing Solutions®, and Frankandsherri.com

We believe the private sector can solve housing insecurity, substance use disorder, justice issues, and recovery by providing safe, secure housing in good neighborhoods. We teach people and companies with real estate holdings that they can emulate our model of shared housing for people in need. We have an obligation to improve the communities in which we live. We replace tarps with roofs, cardboard with sheetrock, and streets with carpet all in a safe neighborhood.

We have great homes in great neighborhoods, utilizing tech-enabled all digital sober living. We use the latest in technology: computerized drug testing, smart technology for monitoring, data collection to assure that we are assisting in recovery, and highly skilled hands-on staff.
Other's Talk About It...We Do It
We used our vision and creativity to create a real estate solution to end homelessness.
We are national leaders in using real estate in a shared housing model.
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We are building great communities because of our good neighbor policy. We have the nicest homes on the block. Great houses and good neighborhoods eliminate housing insecurity. We change lives by using our real estate know-how. Come learn from us!
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Learn How We Use Shared Homes to Provide Housing, Build your Legacy and Create a Business
Join us in 2024!

WE HAVE TRAINED 1000S OF PEOPLE TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE and house our veterans, people in recovery, men and women in need and vulnerable women

Learn from Frank and Sherri how you can use their model to  create a legacy, financial independence, and be a socialpreneur. You can make a difference in your life and the lives of others with real estate.

We are Helping People Write a New Life Story

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. created Kate’s House Foundation® in 2015 to implement our innovative model of shared housing to help people.   Frank and Sherri help people and families with safe, affordable shared housing in appreciating neighborhoods.   To implement our vision, we used our retirement funds to purchase homes to change the recovery housing model that has existed for 50 years.

We buy single family homes in safe neighborhoods for people in recovery from substance use disorder or addiction, veterans, women and men who are justice involved, foster adults, refugees, people who have experienced homelessness and people in need of safe, secure housing.    We provide outstanding furnished housing.   Our social service partners provide funding, and therapy.

Our focus is person and team centered. We partner with agencies who provide support for our shared clients. We provide outstanding housing. We invest in people and are changing the world.

We cannot do this alone.   To implement our vision across the US,  Frank and Sherri train real estate investors who want to invest in our housing model.  We share our knowledge in classes we created at Shared Housing Solutions, LLC. By teaching people what we do, we expand our reach, have national impact and help more people.

We are socialpreneurs committed to changing society while earning a profit to expand our work. We train other people who own or rent real estate on how to have profit and purpose. Our model creates financial security for you and housing security for others.  

We created the model of housing, we are housing people in houses we purchased and we  know shared housing firsthand.  Our goal is to have a Kate’s House in Every City in the US.

We are the first WAQRR Level II Medically Assisted Treatment homes in Washington state.

Kate's House

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. Attend Bill Signing at Washington State Capitol Requiring Level II Accredited Housing for Funding

Recovery Support Services Report

WA Senate Law and Justice Committee by Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.

Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit series Shark Tank, and now with Shark Discoveries, Supports and Promotes Frank and Sherri's Shared Housing Model.

Shared Housing Solutions, LLC, the funding mechanism for new homes for Kate’s House Foundation is pleased to announce that Shark Discoveries and Kevin Harrington (“Shark Discoveries”) have partnered with Kate’s House Foundation to be featured on cable TV networks, including print and digital promotions. Kevin Harrington is a globally respected entrepreneur, investor, and was an original Shark on the hit ABC’s series, Shark Tank.

Meet The Founders

How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio, End Housing Insecurity with Shared Housing, Gain Financial Freedom and Change the World

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. had a dream of ending housing insecurity for the vulnerable. They realized that the private sector can buy real estate and have the house payments made by state and federal dollars.  By partnering with agencies, people received services and we became the housing providers.

Kate’s House Foundation® is a 501c3 committed to zen, tranquility and compassionate and medically assisted treatment practices for recovery.

We change lives by showing other people who want a real estate portfolio and legacy how you can get triple financial returns with a single family home. At the same time, we are getting infinite returns in creating social change. Invest for profit and purpose.
Join us to provide housing or learn from us! We teach what we do. Every. Single Day.

By placing men and women in great neighborhoods, they created a paradigm shift on how to change the trajectory of an individual’s life story.

We soon realized that we did not need millions of dollars to buy homes.  House payments are paid by vouchers and government funding.

Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. received her doctorate in pharmacology from University of Washington Medical School and authored several pioneering research papers on how opioids work in the brain. Sherri is federally registered to practice patent law as a patent agent. Sherri is the founding patent counsel for numerous biotech companies that have gone public or have been acquired.

Frank Candelario spent his corporate years in international marketing and branding. He worked on five continents and was the public face for radio and television for his industry.  Frank was a Executive Camp Director for a California nonprofit, where he learned first hand how to manage people and properties on a large scale.

He founded a company that manufactured pickleball paddles.

Together we use corporate skills to provide a reproducible model of housing to change lives

The Candelarios saw firsthand how recovery homes failed people. The model that has been in place for 50 years often did more harm than help.

We said, “we can do better”.

Frank and Sherri purchase homes and created the national model that is copied around the country.

Our clients are veterans, people in recovery for substance use disorder, justice-involved, foster adults who lost housing, and women and men who desire to live in shared housing.

Our clients have one thing in common: a desire to live in a great home in a safe neighborhood and pursue a new vision of their life.

To make real change, that starts in the legislature. We helped form the Washington State affiliate (WAQRR) in 2017. Sherri has been a WAQRR Board member since inception of WAQRR.

Sherri was recently appointed to the Washington State Substance Use and Recovery Services Advisory Committee as subject matter expert on recovery housing.

Frank and Sherri are founders of Shared Housing Solutions, LLC to train and educate people all over the country to copy their model of superior shared housing that is funded by government contracts.

Frank and Sherri have trained 1000s of people in the US on our real estate model and are making societal change, one house at a time. We are experts in shared housing as we are the CEOs of our organization and manage the homes we created.

Learn how you can create a legacy of change.

Michelle's Story

Hear from Michelle who spent 18 months at Kate’s House in Seattle,  to rebuild her life with solid support and a solid foundation.

Frank Candelario wrote Kate’s House Anthem many years ago when we deliberately set out to transform recovery housing for our veterans and people in recovery. This music video features our clients from 2016 to today. We remember and honor each one of these amazing people who trusted our vision of housing.

Kate's House Foundation®


Kate’s House Foundation® is a 501c3 committed to zen, tranquility and compassionate and medically assisted treatment practices for recovery.

We change lives by showing other people who want a real estate portfolio and legacy how you can get triple financial returns with a single family home. At the same time, we are getting infinite returns in creating social change. Invest for profit and purpose.  When you invest in people, you change the world for generations.

Join us to provide housing or learn from us! We teach what we do. Every. Single. Day.

The Green Hills Of Normandy - A Tribute To World War II Soldiers And The Veterans We House

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