Come to a Seminar to Find and Fund your Shared Housing Model – We will Show you How

Come to a Seminar to Find and Fund your Shared Housing Model – We will Show you How Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., Seattle, WA began their established shared housing as a mode to invest in real estate and end homelessness in 2015. Frank is both a real estate broker and has expertise in international marketing. Sherri is a patent counsel with a doctorate in pharmacology.

The Candelarios were Legacy’s Hall of Fame in 2016 for their concept of using shared housing to provide homes to women in recovery who released from prison to homelessness in the expensive Seattle market. They developed the curriculum “Shared Housing for Social Good and Profit” to teach students how to acquire homes, remodel easily, and house diverse groups of people in shared housing with payments by state and federal agencies. They are experts at cosmetic remodeling and using the internet to define the best use. In a very short time, the Candelarios acquired a large portfolio in expensive markets. Frank and Sherri have expertise in finding groups of people to rent by the bed, zoning, contracts, nationally certified recovery housing (sober living homes), vacation rentals (Air BNB), and house rules that set up renters for success. Their motto is “Invest in people and the real estate will take care of itself”. Frank and Sherri are passionate about helping students find their purpose and putting that purpose into real estate to build financial security.

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