Your Kate’s House Foundation® Donation Changes Lives

Cash Donation


Whether you choose $50 or $500 you have the power to change a life. If you’re unsure how much to donate, here are some ideas for how your donation may be used: 

  • $50 pays for linens and toiletries for 1 person
  • $80 pays for internet access for 1 whole house for 1 month
  • $200 pays for a welcome kit for 1 person
  • $250 sponsors 1 person for 1 week
  • $250 pays the electric bill for 1 house for 1 month
  • $300 pays for the one-time new resident fee for 1 resident
  • $1100 sponsors 1 person for 1 month
Remember, your donations can be tax deductible so check with your tax advisor to see how you can limit the taxes you owe by donating today!

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