Frank and Sherri were mentoring Shared Housing Models in Florida

Part of our Elite Legacy family had a chance to meet up in Delray Beach, FL as mentorship and a Real Estate Basic were happening at the same time allowing them the opportunity to enjoy dinner and conversations about new projects. Whitney Chaffin stopped to take a selfie with six Elite Hall of Fame inductees: Tim and Lori Chaffin, Sam and Anita Winkles, Frank and Sherri Candelario.

Frank and Sherri were mentoring Shared Housing Models in Florida.  Frank and Sherri met with a large contingent of the South Florida Department of Corrections Housing specialists to share about the Kates House model.
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Identifying new affordable housing options for people facing homelessness is a complex challenge, especially in high-cost housing markets. Shared housing – when two or more unrelated people share housing costs and common space – is an adaptable solution when coordination happens at the system level.

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