Frank Candelario

Frank Candelario, is the co-founder of Kate’s House Foundation™, the first nationally accredited sober living homes in Washington state. Kate’s Houses are the first accredited homes to have medically approved treatments for co-occurring disorders of mental health and substance use disorder.

Frank started his career as Executive Director of nonprofit camps. In this capacity, Frank was responsible for property management, program management and people. Placing people together in shared housing is often compared to being a camp director. This experience provided a framework on how to develop community standards for shared living.

Frank was the owner of UltraLite Paddle Company, producing the world’s best pickleball paddle. In this capacity, Frank was an international spokesman for the sport of pickleball.

Frank’s corporate career was international marketing and branding of luxury products. In this capacity, Frank’s clients were in North America, China, New Zealand and Europe where Frank provided advice and support to his customers. Frank sat on the national board of directors for his industry where he learned about the power of guiding legislation to protect a brand. Frank helped draft legislation and worked with members of congress to provide protections for the industry’s goods and services. From this experience, Frank was clear that Kate’s House Foundation would set the model for the state of Washington and the US for quality housing and we would become active politically.

Having a superior product has lead to some of the innovations that Frank and Sherri have brought to their model of shared housing. From the purchase and renovation of their first house, quality was paramount. Frank developed a reproducible model of housing, using quality products in the renovation as well as building with high quality materials. It is the highest importance that the structural components of a shared house are engineered for a quality housing experience for the residents. What you do not see is as important as what you do see in construction. Frank is a registered real estate broker and has overseen many remodels of our homes. With Sherri, they control 6 million dollars in housing acquired over a six year period. They have completed 20 housing remodels and rentals in the past five years. Frank and Sherri are national leaders in shared housing models and won a national award in 2016 for their housing.

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