Kate’s House Shared Housing News – Spring 2023

Spring is here!

The first quarter of the year is behind us! Where is 2023 taking you?

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We have seen a shaky stock market and the closing of one of the biggest venture banks. In my career as a biotech patent counsel, Silicon Valley Bank was the “go to” for new ventures. We were shocked to see the instability of an established bank when people made a bank run. Rumors can change the financial markets.

Every day, the news heads are talking about financial similarities to the 2008 financial crash. We know some people are frozen with what to do next with their investments. What do we believe?

From the time of the land barons in the 10th century, those who control real estate control their own financial security. History has taught us that we need to secure our own futures.

Now is the right time to enter the real estate market as either an owner or investor. Real estate is a tangible wealth builder. If you use the Kate’s House model of Shared Housing, you control the real estate and gain over-market financial returns and the personal satisfaction of helping others.

In the first quarter of this year, we were awarded two new large county contracts, including one to help our homeless veterans. We purchased more new homes in Seattle and are looking at another large expansion.

Best of all, we are now set up to house veterans with disabilities who served our country. Our newest home is ADA compliant and a short drive to the Veterans Administration hospital.

We had live meetups in Arizona and Florida. People flew in from all corners of the US to meet in person. Our meetups are free (except for a plate of cookies if you desire!). We have great potluck meals, answer questions and network.

Aaron and Stefanie Womble graciously opened their beautiful Gilbert, AZ recovery home for a comprehensive tour. Their home is stunning, they are licensed and certified by the Arizona affiliate of NARR and they provided great information to the large crowd who gathered to learn from them. Stefanie and Aaron are part of our Shared Housing Solutions education program and are always online when we teach a class.

One family traveled from Bend, Oregan to Tampa bay to join our meetup. Because the weather at the Florida park was cold, we moved the meetup to our home. It was a blast and included a sing along with Frank.

Our February class was packed with world changers who either wanted to invest in shared housing or create their own housing as housing providers. Our next class is April 28, and April 29th. Of course, you can always purchase our class online at www.frankandsherri.com and learn at your own pace.

I met with one of our mentor students yesterday in Seattle. She now has 9 homes purchased and filled with a waiting list! This has taken a little over two years to accomplish. A big shout out to perseverance, commitment and vision!

Frank and I are the founders of the Kate’s House Foundation (www.kateshousefoundation.org) shared housing model that provides significant advantages over a typical single-family investment home. We created a paradigm shift on how people in need of housing may be housed in beautiful homes in safe neighborhoods with fees paid by contracts. This produces high financial returns for the investor and extraordinary assistance for people in our community.

When we created our amazing business model 8 years ago, with by the bed payments, (8-10 rents per 4-bedroom home) we could not foresee that our ideas would be adopted as a national model. Our recommendations to the state senate are in this newsletter.

We invite you to join us in a class, invest with us or join us at our 2023 Seattle Shared Housing Symposium and Bus tour to learn how you can create an income for yourself and provide an impact. It was so much fun to get together and we would love to have you join us.

Let’s create a world that lifts the boat for everyone and provides you with financial security.

Join us to learn how YOUR 2023 can be bigger and bolder than you ever imagined. Be sure and watch our videos and contact us to join our Kate’s House Shared Housing Team.

Thank you World Changers!
Frank and Sherri
Shared Housing Solutions, LLC

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