I personally have been clean for over 2 years ( 1 year in the community) and living at Kates House has everything to do with it. Frank and Sherri have come up with a solution, which empowers people and lets them know they are cared for. I have a full-time job, with 100 percent medical, dental, and vision paid for by the company I work for. Having a safe, stable, clean and sober home to come home to “Kates House” has been a huge part of my success.

Honestly, without the help, acceptance, and encouragement from Frank and Sherri I am not sure what other path I may have taken.”

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Identifying new affordable housing options for people facing homelessness is a complex challenge, especially in high-cost housing markets. Shared housing – when two or more unrelated people share housing costs and common space – is an adaptable solution when coordination happens at the system level.

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