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We have housed 14 men in the past two weeks. Because of the pandemic, these men came to us with the clothing on their back. We were ready and able to take on this great need as we had just closed on another house. Without our homes, there is no alternative for our residents. This brings us to 50 plus residents today. We need more houses! Contact us!

We buy and rehab every home we own. It all started with our vision to remodel an old daycare center in West Seattle to house people in a safe, beautiful community. Thanks to our team for providing community, guidance and help. Thanks to the churches and city services that brought clothing and supplies. Thanks to all of you who support people in need. We continue to dream of a day when everyone throws out a lifeline to someone in need.

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Defending incarcerated parents’ rights and attending to the needs of the children are vital goals that more states should pursue. by Emma Williams, February 27, 2023 Family separation due to a parent’s incarceration has impacted over 5 million children and has profound negative impacts on a child’s well-being. But

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