The mission behind the first Kate’s house was simple: give women great homes in great suburban neighborhoods to help them start over. It was a revolutionary idea, since most recovery housing is found in the worst parts of town. It is hard to change your life when you are back in the same environment. Frank and Sherri have high expectations of the men and women who move into their homes. They self-improved in prison or in recovery and they plan to keep at it.

Frank and Sherri saw they’d need an entirely new model to make their vision work—they called it “compassionate investment”—and what began locally in Seattle is today sparking interest nationwide.

“Compassionate investment” means helping others and making a profit. Is that possible? Frank and Sherri are living proof. The first house quickly paid for itself, and was then leveraged to pay for a second, and then a third, allowing the Candelarios to build a real-estate portfolio in one of the most expensive cities in the world… entirely from scratch.

Frank and Sherri aren’t in it for the money. They just discovered that once they began solving a problem, the money took care of itself.

And that’s good for everyone. Taxpayers save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year; real estate investors get market-beating returns; recovering populations are given everything they need to thrive.

Kate’s House Foundation® exists to share this model with others. Our vision is that, one day, anyone around the world who needs affordable, holistic housing will have a place to call home.

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