Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.

Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. is the co-founder of Kate’s House Foundation™, the first nationally accredited sober living homes in Washington state. Kate’s House are the first accredited homes to have medically approved treatments for co-occurring disorders of mental health and substance use disorder. Sherri earned her doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Washington Medical School. Sherri is an expert on how opioids work in the brain and has co-authored many peer reviewed research papers on how opioids function and the methods of blocking the drug.

Sherri is a federally registered patent counsel and founded the patent practices in several pioneering biotech companies in Seattle and California, many that focus on diagnostics. Seattle is a hub of innovation and Sherri has been a part of developing data driven science for several companies that have gone public.
After experiencing sober living recovery homes with a family member, Sherri and her husband, Frank said “we can do better” for all people with housing insecurity. “We will own the real estate in great neighborhoods and provide a launching pad for people with housing needs”. We developed a model of charging by the bed for homes in great neighborhoods. The outcome was superior housing, federal and state contracts and people regaining their lives.

Sherri and Frank brought accreditation standards for recovery housing to Washington state as founding members of the Washington state affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences. Sherri is on the Board of Directors of WAQR and a frequent presenter on Fair Housing and medications and treatment for addiction.

Sherri and her husband Frank have been teaching and coaching students on best practices for shared housing using a curriculum that they have created. They have brought their vast experience to Shared Housing Academy to further their goal to help real estate investors learn how to use shared housing models to end housing insecurity, while providing a valuable legacy.

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