Tech Enabled, Computerized Drug Testing Prevents Human Error and Bias

We are Taking Bias out of Drug Testing using Computerized Technology.

Seattle is the home of many innovative tech companies. Working in innovation is the background of the founders of Kate’s House. Kate’s House is going high tech with drug screening. We are moving to computerized screening for substances. We want to remove human bias in reading those fuzzy lines. We think this provides our clients with fairness and equity.
We have random drug testing or testing at the request of programs for our residents. Many of the test kits are made in China or do not have rigid quality control standards. Sherri is a chemist by training and was the director of clinical labs. We said there has to be a better way for consistent testing as too much is at risk. Bad test kits or unclear results could mean someone is sent back to treatment or jail. We need consistent quality control.

We found Smart ScreensTM. These tests are used by law enforcement and drug courts. The beauty is that test results are read by a computer and results can be fed directly to a database.
We are now using Smart Screens. Good-bye human interpretation!

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